PACT 15 Teachers at Ruane Center, Providence College.

​Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT)

Established at Providence College in 2001, the PACT Program is a unique teacher education program that invites recent graduates to contribute two years of service as teachers in Catholic schools in New England. PACT is an affiliate program with the University of Notre Dame and several other U.S. Catholic colleges and universities as a member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE).

PACT members teach classes in language arts, English literature, British and American literature, history, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, Spanish, religious studies, and other subject areas.  They also coach sports teams, act as advisors to students, and are leaders of school retreats.

A Pact teacher and student discussing the contents of a laptop screen at a classroom tableArts and Sciences graduates with a major (30 credit points) in English, foreign languages, history, math, biology, chemistry, physics or theology, study toward a Providence College Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree and teacher certification as a secondary school teacher, in a program approved by the State of Rhode Island, which is reciprocal with other states in the United States.

Education graduates, who already possess teacher certification, follow a Master of Education program in School Administration or Literacy and teach in elementary, middle, or high school.

If your undergraduate major does not fit those described above but you are still interested in pursuing a future in Catholic Education, please contact the Director of PACT.

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