The Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT)

PACT at Providence College will help you explore your vocation to teach, serve Catholic schools, and make an impact on students.

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PACT teachers commit to two summers and two academic years of coursework and full-time teaching in Rhode Island or Massachusetts Catholic schools. PACT forms Catholic school teachers through these two years of teaching, learning, and intentional Christian community. PACT teachers become eligible for Rhode Island certification, gain confidence as professional educators, and make a positive impact on Catholic schools.


Earn a master’s degree from Providence College in one of several M.Ed. and M.A. tracks for those with or without an educational background. 


Serve as a full-time teacher in Catholic schools throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, in placements across subject areas and grade levels.


Live, pray, and work together in an intentional Christian community, sharing a Catholic and Dominican spirituality with other PACT teachers. 

Established at Providence College in 2001, the PACT Program is a distinctive teacher preparation program that invites recent graduates to contribute two years of service as teachers in Catholic schools in New England. PACT is a proud member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE).

PACT members teach classes in language arts, English literature, British and American literature, history, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, World Languages, Catholic Theology, and other subject areas.  They also coach sports teams, act as advisors to students, and are leaders of school retreats.

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Community housing, school placements, transcript requirements, timeframes, and deadlines…there‚Äôs a lot to consider in making the commitment to Catholic teacher formation with PACT at Providence College.

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Bring your questions, concerns, and hopes to an informal conversation with PACT Director Chris Keavy.

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