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  • PACT teachers contribute to the ongoing renewal and enrichment of the Catholic Schools of the New England region through creative and innovative teaching and the provision of a range of extra-curricular activities for their students.
  • The model of the service offered by PACT teachers is that of the professional Catholic educator¬†
  • PACT teachers serve a variety of schools-urban, suburban and in rural cities.
  • Preference is given to teaching in schools which serve students from disadvantaged or poorly resourced circumstances.
  • PACT teachers have a special concern and compassion for those students who experience difficulties with learning.
  • PACT teachers contribute to other school activities by leading retreats and service trips coaching sports, moderating clubs, assisting with field trips and drama and musical productions.
  • Arts and Science graduates and those with secondary certification, teach middle or high school English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Social Studies, or Spanish and possibly French and Italian.
  • Theology majors teach Religion or serve as Campus Ministers in high schools while earning the Master of Education.
  • Graduates with elementary certification teach the full range of subjects and provide assistance with other activities in their elementary or middle schools.